Purpose for this forum

Announcement and discussion of activities such as musical workshops, concerts/performances, music competitions etc.
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Purpose for this forum

Post by mjolnir » 25 Jan 2007 22:07

If this forum is a response to a suggestion I made for a forum to announce usage of CPDL editions, which I saw as a way of finding out just how much use is being made of the efforts of the gallant cadre of volunteers who create and maintain this site, and as a means of rewarding them, then I would request that special note be given to items on a concert or performance which used materials from CPDL.


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Post by CHGiffen » 26 Jan 2007 14:45

There were multiple reasons for starting this forum, represented by the description under the forum title on the Forum Index:
This forum is for announcement and discussion of musical activities, including but not limited to: musical workshops, concerts/performances (including works available at CPDL), etc.
What finally got the ball rolling was a request from member mlmc about where to post an announcement about a 5 day UK summer course in the "Three Choirs" cathedrals, which I had directed to the Other Topics section, since this forum was not yet opened.

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