problem transferring your user data ...

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Nikolaus Hold
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problem transferring your user data ...

Postby Nikolaus Hold » 08 Jan 2019 10:45

What is the reason if you can not log in and get the error message: There was a problem transferring your user data, so this action has been canceled for safety's sake to prevent you from misallocating your changes to another user. Please resubmit this form. See attatched hardcopy.

"resubmit" does not help at all. Is this perhaps due to a hacker attack?

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Re: problem transferring your user data ...

Postby choralia » 09 Jan 2019 15:10

The mechanism that prevents session hijacking on the MediaWiki software has false positives from time to time, which may be related to specific browser behaviour concerning security, especially when switching from a http connection to a https connection or vice versa. Please clear cookies, and try to login by forcing https or, alternatively, by forcing http:

- to force https:

- to force http:

This will (hopefully) clear any issues with previous http/https sessions.

By the way, I'm still investigating your problem with the automatic filling of file information while uploading scores. I have activated a specific log, and it is now clear that your system has a very specific behaviour concerning the interaction with the MediaWiki software. I guess that the two problems that you noticed can be related to such specific security settings or behaviour. I should investigate further.


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