First upload--error!

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First upload--error!

Postby chrylis » 15 Feb 2018 05:34

For some reason, I got a permission-denied message when trying to add a composer page for myself per section III of the submission guide. I then followed the alternate suggestion of selecting a different composer (John Amner) and using the "add work" wizard, replacing his name with mine. Something went awry in the procedure, though, because my upload (48820) got saved under his profile, and I still have no composer page.

I'm MediaWiki-literate but a bit skittish about trying surgery here since I already managed to get something in the wrong place. Can I get someone familiar with the organizational system to help me rewrite the listing so that it's under Christopher Smith instead of John Amner?

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Re: First upload--error!

Postby Claude_T » 15 Feb 2018 08:59

I replaced the composer name. Please add/correct your data on your composer page:
for example, replace 'Nationality', among 'Nationality Composers', at the bottom of the page, by your nationality.

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