Uploaded file missing

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David Cameron
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Uploaded file missing

Post by David Cameron » 22 Mar 2017 18:21

I wanted to make some cosmetic improvements to the pdf of my anthem "Let all the world in every corner sing". The piece has a functioning CPDL page and number, with its date of submission: (Posted 2017-01-15) CPDL #42657. Everything there works, including both the pdf file and an accompanying mp3.

However when I went to the list of submitted files, to make sure that my re-edited version had the same filename as the present pdf, the list showed only the mp3--not the pdf. How can the pdf be present and functional on its page, and yet not appear in the list of uploaded files? And given its absence there, how can I replace the pdf which is up and running as CPDL #42657?

Help would be much appreciated.

David Cameron

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Re: Uploaded file missing

Post by choralia » 22 Mar 2017 22:03

Since some weeks it is easier to update an existing file. When you are logged-in, a specific icon is shown to easily reach the wiki page associated to a file:
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After you click on the icon you'll reach the wiki page of the file, where you can upload a new version of the file by clicking on the label "Upload a new version of this file". The file will maintain the existing name also in the case the name of the file on your computer is different.

In this specific case the wiki page of the file shows that the file was not uploaded by you, but by a CPDL administrator. This is the reason why you don't find it in the list of files that you submitted. On January 15 you erroneously submitted two pdf files and asked the administrators to fix the problem (your email to addscore@cpdl.org dated January 16, 2017 - probably January 15 in your time zone). The submission was corrected, and the actual submission done by an administrator is currently reported on the wiki page of the file.


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