Problem creating new composer

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Problem creating new composer

Postby WimLooyestijn » 10 Mar 2017 20:32

I created a new composer (Antonio Ripa) a week ago, but it is still not active, and there is no "Add new work" tab on its main page.

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Re: Problem creating new composer

Postby choralia » 10 Mar 2017 21:45

Thank you for willing to submit works by a new composer!

Please note that a composer page should be created using the procedure described in the help documentation. Specifically, the page should include the [[Category:]] instructions that are required to classify him as a composer first, and then also as a composer of a certain period, music era, and nationality. I have now added the required categories:

[[Category:1721 births]]
[[Category:1795 deaths]]
[[Category:Classical composers]]
[[Category:Spanish composers]]

As he is now classified as a composer, the "Add new work" tab automatically shows up. I've already added the {{#SortWork:}} function, which will automatically list all works when the relevant work pages are added. So, you can now add new works.


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