Haydn's Insanae et Vanae curae

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Haydn's Insanae et Vanae curae

Post by Grabyrdy » 23 Mar 2016 15:26

In the edition by James Gibb (#21060) there is a problem from bars 101 to 106. It seems a C in the l.h. has been left out at the beginning of b.101, and all subsequent l.h. symbols are one crotchet too early until the end of 106.

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Re: Haydn's Insanae et Vanae curae

Post by carlos » 25 Mar 2016 16:54

Thank you for reporting this error! The editor has been informed of the problem.

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Re: Haydn's Insanae et Vanae curae

Post by jamesgibb » 25 Mar 2016 18:24

I'm abroad at the moment, so don't have access to my source. However, looking at the other edition of this work, it seems likely that this is an error, so I have corrected it and uploaded revised files. Thanks for spotting it.~~~~

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Re: Haydn's Insanae et Vanae curae

Post by Richard Mix » 26 Mar 2016 05:39

One can also of course add directly to the work page {{ScoreError|description}} with "see talk page" as the description if the list is very long.

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