Cleanup of subcategories

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Cleanup of subcategories

Post by Cdalitz » 17 Feb 2015 12:53

Dear all,

through the topic viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6907, I have looked at the subcategories of "Sacred Music" and noticed that there are several duplicates, and some categories are a bit odd. I would therefore suggest to aggregate the following subcategories under a single name each:
  1. Tenebrae
    Tenebrae music & Tenebrae responsories
  2. Lamentations
    Lamentations & Laments & Sacred Laments
  3. Exequies
    Burial Services & Requiems
The category "Canons" seems a bit odd as a subcategory to "Sacred Music", because it is a subcategory of the independent feature "Composition Technique".

Some of these categories are actually subsubcategories: "Introits" actually is a subsubcategory of the subcategory "Mass propers" (should this subcategory therefore be merged into "Mass propers"?).

It seems that uploaders are quite confused by these categories, too: a number of Magnificats are classified as "Vespers" and others as "Evening Canticles" (is this the proper category? Should it not be simply "Canticles", which stands for the few psalm like texts from the new testament?). Even more confusing is the class "Preces and Responses" (in English: "Prayers and Answer songs"): there are some settings of "Pater noster", but none of "Ave Maria", which is a prayer, too. And most pieces in the category "Responsories" are actually "Mass Propers"...


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Re: Cleanup of subcategories

Post by vaarky » 17 Feb 2015 16:46

Similarly, Josquin's Nymphes and Absalon ( ... es_Prez%29 ) are both within Laments (I think Absalon should be under Sacred Laments or a subcategory of Sacred Laments titled David's Lament) , and I now think the unspecified term Laments should be modified to disambiguate (Secular Laments? what happens if sacred Lament text is used to Lament a secular death)?

There is (previously abandoned) discussion on the Lament discussion page on this subject: ... lk:Laments

I thought that the subcategory Lamentations was intended for sacred Jeremiah-type Lamentations, but I can see how this is confusing to users.

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Re: Cleanup of subcategories

Post by Richard Mix » 04 Mar 2015 01:33 ... cred_music is already on my watchlist, and I'll respond there where it's easier to keep track of things.

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