New edition mess-up

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New edition mess-up

Post by simonjshaw »

I attempted to add a new edition of Henry Purcell's area "Music for a While" which I've arranged for SATB a cappella.
Although I tried to fill the form in carefully, sadly it created a new composer called Simon, a new work and a new edition!
So I did mess something up. :roll:
I then changed the new work to be by Henry Purcell, not "Simon" but that is still wrong. I only wanted a new edition of the existing work.
I cannot clear up the mess as it requires the rubbish composer and work pages deleting and the edition altering to attach to the existing work.
Can someone help me? Many thanks in advance.
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Re: New edition mess-up

Post by BarryJ »

This has happened to me, and it has to do with auto-complete on my browser. When I begin entering my e-mail, if I choose the auto-complete option, it changes Composer to my name! Either change auto-complete settings, or manually type the fields.
In any case, I deleted the composer "Simon".
Your new edition looks good, but I recommend adding a mid and mxl file; and a music transcription file if you wish.
If you need help doing this, let me know.
Barry Johnston
Gunnison, U. S. A.
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