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by NathanHowe
24 Sep 2010 19:44
Forum: Operation and Implementation issues
Topic: Difficulty ratings
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Difficulty ratings

As a music educator, I would love to be able to sort and search not only by period and voicing, but also by the difficulty of a piece. I know that agreement on level of difficulty will vary widely among musicians; however, I don't think this is necessarily a reason to abandon the idea. This could wo...
by NathanHowe
23 Sep 2010 20:03
Forum: Musical questions
Topic: best music theory book
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Re: best music theory book

Benward and Saker's Music in Theory and Practice is a decent 100-level theory text. I also really liked Evan Copley's Harmony: Baroque to Contemporary (part I and II), although one or two of his conventions have since been superseded in common practice. You probably want an understandable text over ...
by NathanHowe
23 Sep 2010 19:56
Forum: CPDL Support, Questions, and Feedback
Topic: How to post a cantata
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How to post a cantata

Is there a special form for creating a new cantata entry? I used the "Add a Score" form and got the data output for the full score, but should I create a separate CPDL page and listing for each song within the cantata? Should I use the "Add a Score" form for each? The score and o...